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PR Campaigns

Case Study

Wister Manufacturing

My Com 329 Organizational Communication class was focused on theoretical and empirical literature and practice of communication processes in an organizational setting. One exercise was to create a case study and solution for an assigned company facing potentially detrimental change in some part related to improper communication processes. My company was Wister Manufacturing which was facing losing 38% of their most productive team to either layoffs or self-termination.

PR Contract Proposal

Proforma PromoGraphix

In 2020 I applied for a received a Public Relations internship with Proforma PromoGraphix a North Carolina based promotional products company that I have had several contracts with over the intervening years.

PR Plan Executive Summary

Salon Client

My Com 378 Public Relations Management and Research was a senior capstone course wherein myself and four other students worked together to secure a client and provide them with an in-depth PR plan. Our client was a salon local to Bloomington IL that was looking to expand, this is the executive summary from that plan.