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Press releases – Event Anouncements

Press Release

Normal Illinois - Parks and Rec

My Com 268 Public Relations Writing and Production focused on the functions and creation of various public relations media writing. One such assignment was to create a press release for a local event. My chosen event was The Town of Normal Parks and Recreation’s Candy Corn Lane presented by Haunted Trails, an alternative Halloween event for the community after the announcement that there would be no door-to-door trick-or-treating allowed.

Event Anouncement 

Tapestries Book Launch

My Eng. 254 Introduction to Professional Publishing is a course focused on the study and practice of editorial, production, printing, and marketing processes involved with producing a book or journal. My class published tapestries a word weavers anthology in Spring of 2019. One of my many tasks was to create an event announcement for the book launch.

Press Release

Gamma Phi Circus

When I applied for my internship with the Polynesian Cultural Center, I was asked for writing samples. I created a press release for a hypothetical Halloween event being held by Gamma Phi Circus, an organization I was a part of at the time.

Press Release

McClean County Arts Center

I created several press releases and event announcements throughout my academic career. Three of which were for the McClean County Arts Center located in Bloomington Il. Each of these releases were about different artists showcases that were meant to take place throughout the year.