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Writing samples

Feature Article


My Com 178 Introduction to Public Relations Writing course was focused on practicing the various PR media kit and portfolio materials. One such assignment was to create an entirely hypothetical feature article based on a list of information that was meant to be combines however I chose. This resulted in a completely hypothetical article about the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series in 2012.


Gamma Phi Circus

As part of my interview process for the Polynesian Cultural Center I was asked to create a marketing statement under 150 words about any event. I Chose Gamma Phi Circus 90th show which was set to take place April 2019.

Quick Refrence Card


My Eng. 249 Technical and Professional Writing course focused on the successful practice of several kinds of written communication. One such example was the creation of a quick reference card (or sheet) complete with a pre and post questionnaire on a topic of my choosing. The chosen topic was how to use Adobe Photoshop to create a meme.

Radio Script


My Com 377 course focused on several PR and marketing materials and practices. One assignment I had was to create a hypothetical radio address with a real quote from someone effected by the topic of my choosing. I wrote about the HEROES Act Stimulus package and obtained a quote from a small business owner.