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Harley Charlebois is a trained public relations specialist, copywriter, and content creator with over three years of experience working in the business-to-business. business-to-consumer, publishing, and tourism fields. She currently works alongside the executive team of the marketing department at the Polynesian Cultural Center, Hawaii’s #1 paid attraction.

Harley has always been steadfast in her pursuit of knowledge. She holds a Bachelor’s in Communication Public Relations from Illinois State University along with extensive training in writing and publishing. She continues to learn and grow, frequently training and earning certificates in programs, software, and skills to hone her craft.

Harley spent much of her childhood traveling around the United States, enjoying the adventures to be had. At university, Harley continued to chase unique and exciting opportunities. She spent a summer working as an intern in Hawaii learning about Polynesian cultures and spent her school years as a performer in the Gamma Phi Circus.

Harley is dedicated and effective whether working independently and/or collaboratively. She has extensive experience working remotely within small and large teams based throughout the United States. She uses extensive research to remain current and creative thinking to use her client’s voice to share their story with wide audiences. Harley is inspired daily by the stories and experiences all around us. In her free time Harley likes to read, travel, and enjoy dining experiences with friends and family.